Sunderland Beer and Cider Festival 2020 – Cancellation

Letter from Michael Wynne, Festival Organiser:

I’m disappointed to have to notify you we’ve decided not to hold the Sunderland Beer & Cider Festival in October 2020.

The reason is entirely due to the current Covid-19 virus, the resultant lockdown & the forced closure of many businesses whose support we rely on to help finance the festival.

Although October is still a long way off the financial planning & putting in place major sponsorship etc starts months before. There are also milestones that we need to meet for CAMRA HQ oversight.

Without these being in place there is huge risk to the branch so cancellation is our only real option.

The intention at present is to aim for a Sunderland Beer & Cider Festival in 2021.

Hope you all remain safe.

Michael Wynne

Branch Chair/Sunderland Beer & Cider Festival Organiser