Beer List 2017

The beer list for Sunderland Beer and Cider Festival 2017 @ THE POINT organised by Sunderland and South Tyneside CAMRA.

Final list. (Last updated 11th October@20:00)

 BreweryLocationBeerABVSponsorColourTasting Notes
Arcane BridgeNewcastleWorlds End5.9Arcane BridgeRedFull bodied, matured on whisky oak staves giving a pronounced vanilla, whisky finish
Bad CoDishforth, N YorkshireSummer Breeze4.5AvenuePale GoldenPale Ale infused with lime and mint
Bad CoDishforth, N YorkshireSatisfaction6.7AvenueBrown AleA strong brown ale
BeartownCongleton, CheshireFiery Ginger Bear4The Spice GardenPale LightThe flavours from the malt and hops blend with the added bite from the root ginger to produce a superbly quenching blonde ale
Big LampNewcastlePrince Bishop Ale4.8The Grey HorseGolden AleA refreshing, easy-drinking bitter. Golden in colour, full of fruit and hops. Strong bitterness with a spicy, dry finish.
BinghamsReadingHot Dog Chilli Stout5Sunderland BIDDark Brown/ BlackStout with a hint of chilli to provide a warm glow on the aftertaste
Blue SquareLeedsMorley Rocket3.8Sunderland BIDPale GoldenA light session ale with delicate spice notes and balanced bitterness
BradfordBradfordNorthern Soul3.8Sunderland BIDGolden / BLOND AleA deep golden ale not too strong, too sweet or too dry
Brewlab/ DarwinSunderlandJaffa Jolt5Sunderland BIDRuby RedA smooth ruby ale with a strong malt flavour infused with chocolate orange flavoured coffee beans
Brewlab/ DarwinSunderlandMoine5.6Sunderland BIDPale LightWhisky style ale with smoked peat malt and whisky smoked woodchips added to the maturation
BrinkburnBykerHouse of the Rising Sun7.2The MarineBlackA rich chocolatey bitterness mixed with the raspberry makes this porter a little too easy to drink for an ABV of 7.2%
CameronsHartlepoolStrongarm4The Ship IsisRuby Red A well-rounded, ruby-red ale with a distinctive, tight creamy head; initially fruity, but with a good balance of malt, hops and moderate bitterness.
CameronsHartlepoolRoad Crew4.5The Ship IsisGoldenAmerican session pale ale packed full of hoppy citrus and blackcurrant flavours delivering a crisp, refreshing, superior taste.
CameronsHartepoolSeasonalTBCThe Ship IsisNA
CampervanLeithLeith Juice Orange IPA4.7Sunderland BIDGoldSession IPA
EllandElland, W Yorks1872 Porter6.5The SteamboatDark.Creamy, full-flavoured porter. Rich liquorice flavours with a hint of chocolate from roast malt. A soft but satisfying aftertaste of bittersweet roast and malt.
EverardsNarbrough, LeicsOriginal5.2DarkFull bodied, mid brown strong bitter with a pleasant rich, grainy mouthfeel. Well balanced flavours, with malt slightly to the fore.merging into a long satisfying finish
CumberlandGreat CorbyCorby Ale3.8A fruity session beer with sweetness leading to gentle bitterness in the aftertaste.
Great HeckGreat Heck, N YorkshireAmish Mash4.7Cloudy Pale YELLOWA cloudy wheat beer with notes of banana and clove from Weizen yeast and fruity notes from American IPA style hops.
Great HeckGreat Heck, N YorkshireBlack Jesus6.5No 2 Church LaneBlackBlack Jesus is a black IPA brewed with large quantities of premium American hops and special dehusked German roasted malt.
LeedsLeedsMidnight Bell4.8The Ship IsisDark Ruby A full bodied Strong Mild, deep red to dark brown in colour. Chocolate and strong malt flavours are present throughout.
JW LeesManchesterMoonraker6.5Houghton 41 ClubDark RubyA reddish-brown beer with a strong, malty, fruity aroma. The flavour is rich and sweet, with roast malt, and the finish is fruity yet dry. Available only in a handful of outlets.
Little ValleyHebden BridgeVanilla Porter4.5BlackDark brown speciality beer.Roast and fruit blend successfully with subtle vanilla to create a smooth mellow porter
MaximHoughton le Spring10404.0The SreamboatRuby RedBrewed to celebrate 10 years of Maxim and 40 years of SST Branch, 1040 also represents the original gravity of this ruby coloured ale; brewed with Williamette and Bramling Cross Hops. It has refreshing and mildly spiced blackcurrant flavours ending with a smooth creamy finish on the palette.
MaximHoughton le SpringSwedish Blonde4.2GoldenThis smooth beer is very light in colour and uses cascade and first gold hops to give a refreshing hoppy and complex grapefruit flavours on the palate.
MaximHoughton le SpringMaximus6Maxim BreweryDeep CopperDark Ruby coloured full bodied premium ale. Sweet with a liquorice flavour, caramel & dark fruits
MaximHoughton le SpringRaspberry Porter5Baldwins Accountancy ServicesDarkThis beer blends a variety of dark roasted malts with the addition of high quality raspberry juice. It has a smooth full bodied taste with light chocalate bitterness and sweet raspberry flavours remaining on the palate.
MoorhousesBurnleyBlack Cat3.4Deep RedA dark mild-style beer with delicate chocolate and coffee roast flavours and a crisp, bitter finish.
Pig & PorterTunbridge WellsRed Spider Rye5.5Ruby RedRed Rye beer, dry hopped in the cask with centennial and columbus hops.
Red CastleCarmyilie, AngusRed Lady4Ruby RedBritish Style ruby ale made with English hops
RoostersKnaresbroughYankee4.3GoldenA straw-coloured beer with a delicate, fruity aroma leading to a well-balanced taste of malt and hops with a slight evidence of sweetness, followed by a refreshing, fruity/bitter finish.
SaltaireShipleyCascadian Black4.8BlackA well rounded, smooth, dark strong bitter with a lovely hoppy aroma. The flavour is strong on hops and malt with a slight liquorice hint. The aftertaste is long, liquorice and strongly hoppy.
SalopianTelfordHop Twister4.5The PeacockGoldenA premium bitter with a citrus flavour and complex hop finish. Refreshing and crisp
Slightly FoxedSowerby BridgeFlying Fox Apricot4.5Golden AmberPale and hoppy bitter with a touch of Apricot flavour to give a year round taste of Summer.
Sonnet 43CoxhoeAbolitionist3.8Sonnet 43Amber AleMalty session bitter
Sonnet 43CoxhoeFierce Panther6.9Sonnet 43Hazy GoldAmerican style hop heavy IPA
Three KingsNorth ShieldsHeart 'n' Soul5.6GoldenHoppy Pale Ale
TitanicBurslem, Stoke on TrentBlackberry Gold4.5The SteamboatHoney GoldA clear golden beer with a friut aroma and taste
TitanicBurslem, Stoke on TrentPlum Porter4.9The Wooden HutDeep RedDark brown with a powerful fruity aroma. A sweet plum fruitiness gives way to a gentle bitter finish.
YorkYorkOtherside IPA4.5GoldenIPA with 4 New Zealand hops