Beer List 2018

The beer list for Sunderland Beer and Cider Festival 2018 @ THE POINT organised by Sunderland and South Tyneside CAMRA.

Final List. (Last updated 4th October)

Beers are subject to change upto event setup. The final list won’t be confirmed until Wednesday 3rd October

 BreweryNameABVSponsorTasting Notes
1AtlasLatitude3.6A light citrus taste with a smack of hops and grapefruit in the light bitter finish.
2AyrJolly Beggars Best Bitter4.2A complex best bitter with plenty of character lingering malty aftertaste.
3AyrOtto & Griselda Pale Ale4.6Smooth and fruity pale with hop flavours of melon, strawberry and passion fruit.
4BeartownFiery Ginger Bear4.8Spice GardenThe flavours from the malt and hops blend with the added bite from the root ginger to produce a superbly quenching blonde.
5Black SheepMilk Stout4.9Black SheepA silky, creamy stout with notes of chocolate, vanilla and coffee. Brewed with lactose and a robust malt blend, giving a sweetness that cuts against a light bitterness, brought together through an irresistible velvet texture
6Black SheepRiggwelter5.9Black SheepA fruity bitter, with complex underlying tastes and hints of liquorice and pear drops leading to a long dry bitter finish.
7Brinkburn StCinder Toffee Imperial Russian Stout [Matured in wood cask]11.0Brinkburn StA rich chocolatey bitterness and toffee flavours meld with bourbon maltiness. Galena and Centennial hops add berry fruit and subtle citrus notes.
8Brinkburn StCitra Eldorado4.0MarineBright citrus notes with light malt and bitterness combine with aromas of mango and tropical fruit. Very easy drinking.
9BroughtonGreenmantle Ale3.9A dark bitter sweet ale with a pleasant aftertaste.
10BroughtonOld Jock6.7BaldwinsStrong, sweet and fruity in the finish
11CameronsPhenology Belgian Saison5.0CameronsBrewed in the style of a Belgian Saison with a soft malt character and spicy coriander and fruity orange flavours from the Belgian yeast used.
12CameronsTooth & Claw Gyle #004 Breakfast Stout 6.0CameronsThis stout is from Camerons new experimental Tooth & Claw nano brewery
13DarwinNew England IPA5.4DarwinA juicy and hazy New England IPA with tropical fruit flavours and passion fruit.
14DarwinGalapagos Stout6.0DarwinA smooth chocolate stout brewed with oats to provide a solid body and bittersweet finish.
15DerventioSpartan IPA5.3Crisp, refreshing IPA with pale malt and continental hops
16EllandWhite Prussian3.9A straw coloured, lightly flavoured ,easy drinking and refreshing lager style speciality beer.
17Hadrian BorderGrainger Ale [Gluten Free]4.6SteamboatGluten free, a pale coloured ale, well balanced with a refreshing finish.
18HambletonCoco Pop Stout4.8A smooth chocolatey stout brewed with Coco Pops
19Hooded RamMosaic Single Hop5.0A notable hoppy aroma gives an indication of what is to come. The hop-led taste is complemented with plenty of bitterness, and a touch of malt, all of which are well matched.
20MaximDouble Maxim4.7MaximA fruity caramel, caramel,malty, and nutty taste with a hint of sweetness.
21MaximMedusa IPA5.6MaximThis double dry hopped American ale is brewed using 5 different hops to give it an abundance of dry tropical fruit.
22MaximSmoked Porter5.2MaximA rich autumn porter big in dark roasted chocolate and coffee flavours blended with a lovely sweet smoked flavour from the use of smoked malt.
23MordueTomahawk Stout5.5Station HouseA new beer, part of “Mash Sessions” range.
24OakhamGreen Devil6.0This contemporary IPA explodes with amazing hop harvest aromas, packs in big tropical and citrus hop flavours before a crisp, refreshing finish.
25RoostersParts & Labour5.4RoostersBold, juicy citrus & tropical fruit aromas give way to a moderate level of bitterness in this hop-forward, well-balanced American Pale Ale.
26RoostersPecking Order5.1RoostersBrewed with the Green Cheek Beer Co. California, this 5 hop pale ale bursts with a combination of fruit flavours harvested from a blend of Amarillo, Comet, Mosaic, Pacifica and Pekko hops and dried local orange peel.
27RoostersYankee4.3RoostersA straw coloured beer with a delicate, fruity aroma leading to a well balanced taste of malt and hops with a slight evidence of sweetness, followed by a refreshing, fruity/bitter finish.
28SettleAttermire IPA4.2Floral hoppy aroma leading to citrus on the tongue. A bitter finish in this full bodied IPA.
29StablesSilver Buckles4.4StablesIndia Pale Ale. Light golden biscuit with a grapefruit finish.
30TitanicIceberg4.1Houghton 41Yellow gold sparkling wheat beer with a flowery start leading to a great hop crescedo
31Top OutThe Cone IPA [Hazy]6.8SteamboatNamed after the part of the hop plant used in brewing, this has an intense, complex hop profile: strong and bitter with lots of grapefruit notes. .A high strength India Pale Ale , strong, bitter and very hoppy! - Hazy
32Windswept1806 Stout5.0This classic Scottish stout is rich in coffee flavour with a good roasted barley finish. 
RESERVECotleighBarn Owl4.5Mid brown beer with well balanced malt and hop aroma; a smooth well balanced taste where hops dominate, balanced by malt.
RESERVEFuzzy DuckRuby Duck5.3Dark ruby coloured beer with a rich full body and complex fruit flavours
RESERVEGreen JackMahseer IPA5.8A high strength India Pale Ale , strong, bitter and very hoppy!
RESERVEHop StudioHop Studio Bitter3.9A traditional Yorkshire Bitter. Beautiful amber colour, a sweet malty nose, resinous & red berry hop flavours with a long balanced finish.
RESERVERoostersBaby Faced Assassin6.1RoostersAn IPA with aromas of mango, apricot, grapefruit & mandarin orange, along with a lasting, juicy, tropical fruit bitterness